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 Service Offerings



Powerful 30-day challenges designed to elevate your mood, find more happiness, and change up your daily routine. 

Can be completed as an Individual, with a Buddy, or in a Group. 



 Email Support

Private Group Access


1:1 Daily Accountability & Coaching Calls

Starting at




Customized 1-on-1 coaching.



2-hour Deep Dive

Energy Leadership Assessment

1-on-1 Sessions

1, 3, or 5 (60 minutes)


Premium Coaching Packages

3, 6, or 9 months

Starting at 




A weekly accountability group that meets weekly to share their goals, progress, challenges, and achievements.

Includes Weekly:

1-hour ZOOM calls

Coaching Workshops​

Personal Accountability

Monthly Membership

Membership is $100 every 4 weeks.

For every meeting you attend, you are refunded $25.

If you keep yourself accountable to yourself and this group, you pay $0.


with 100% attendance



All-in-one  marketing "start-up" packages for new businesses.


Brand Identity


Business Card

1 Promotional Flyer

2 Social Media Ads

2 Customized Website Images

Start-Up Plus

Everything in "Start-Up" plus...

Basic Website 

Up to 2 Automation Processes

Basic Marketing Strategy

Marketing Coaching

 3 strategy calls per week (check-in, homework and strategy) 

Up to 4 hours per week of marketing support 

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