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Political Energy: It's Affecting You In Ways You Might Not Be Aware

Personally, I try to stay away from politics, but it’s again that time of year where elections are at the forefront of our minds and being forced down our throats through the media, yard signs, direct mailings, phone calls and social media. What’s curious about political campaigns isn’t the frenzy it causes leading up to the elections, but the energy it utilizes, sends, and creates.

Why is it that every political campaign seems to spread nothing but negativity? Everywhere you turn, there is some type of marketing or media saying how bad “this” is, or what a bad person “they” are. What’s worse, you personally can be targeted with messages like, “if you don’t vote, you are an irresponsible citizen.”

Think about how this might be impacting you on an energetic level. Whether the message resonates with you or not, there is negative energy being thrown in your direction from EVERY angle. It’s impossible to escape! We know that on a biological level, your mind has the power to influence each and every one of your individual cells. Think about it. If you are surrounded by negative messages, it’s natural that you might think negative thoughts, which stimulates a chemical reaction in the brain to release a corresponding hormone that is experienced through the body, and voila! You feel bad!

Let’s take that concept one step further. When you feel bad, you actually change the type of energetic frequency of your physical body from a high to low (think in terms of Hz: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma). When you are resonating at a lower level of energy, you slow down, which can have both a positive and negative effect. On the positive side, it can promote relaxation and restoration, but on the negative side—and in the case of being influenced by political negativity—you open yourself up to the receptive mode of welcoming in more negativity. This, in the simplest of terms is the Law of Attraction. All of a sudden that TV commercial that bashed the other candidate has you thinking, “Yes, that’s bad. I don’t want to be associated with bad.”

After a while of the same negativity, you may find yourself thinking about all the “bad” things not only in life, but about YOU! You welcome in doubt, anger, worry, and frustration and before you know it, your temper shortens, or you’re more easily angered. What’s more EVERYONE has been subject to the same negativity and everyone is feeding off one another and we start to crave and reproduce it.

It’s the same energetic reaction that happens at a sporting event. You can literally FEEL the energy in the stadium—both good and bad! Start to pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that follow after you watch a commercial that utilizes negative energy.

When is it Right to go LEFT?


When I say “to go left”, I mean to go against the grain. To follow your intuition when society is jumping on the bandwagon of what everyone else is doing. What if, instead of simply doing what you’ve always, done, you decide to start Living Elevated, Fulfilled, and True (LEFT)?

Living elevated, fulfilled, and true is a concept for those who are ready to step into their true self and connect with their inner purpose—no matter what society deems ‘appropriate’. These outliers are the people who are willing to change their beliefs and perceptions and are ready to step outside their comfort zones to embrace a life that is in the present moment, (Living), of a higher vibration (Elevated), full of happiness, joy, and wealth, (Fulfilled) and authentic and in alignment with their purpose (True).

Regardless of your political beliefs, I encourage you to simply become aware of how your energy can affect your personal life experience, but also how it can influence others.

Now that you know you have the power to influence energy, how can you use YOUR energy to positively impact someone today?

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