Sick of endless swiping? Meeting uninspiring or creepy strangers? Spending wasted time on people who aren't even looking for something serious?  Want to actually get out on dates with people that have been screened for you?

Are you conscious, authentic, and matchable?

Matchmaking is a great way to save time and stop the endless conversations that never lead to dates--but not everyone is ready to be matched. The best relationships stem from people who first have a great relationship with themselves; they are conscious, authentic, and matchable.

What qualifies someone as Matchable?

Matchable means you know who you are, what you want, and genuinely love your life. You'd like to have someone special in your life, but you don't NEED it. No one is perfect; in fact if you believe you are, you would not qualify as matchable. I look for people who are continuously on a journey of self development, are willing to be vulnerable, and are ready to say YES to the challenges, opportunities and experiences life throws their way. 

How do I know if I qualify?


My job is to personally connect with and screen quality people to send on dates with my clients. If you'd like to discover if you’re ready to make dating a priority in your life, contact me for a free 30-minute relationship consultation. During this session, we will explore if you are ready to be MATCHED, or if your energy is best suited on the relationship with YOURSELF your dreams, and your goals. 

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