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Camala Beek, CPC, ELI-MP 

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Finding a meaningful relationship is more than finding a match. It's about first finding yourself.

About CAMJean Coaching

CamJean is a place to connect to your best match in love, career, and life. As an experienced matchmaker, I connect and train talented and driven individuals who are ready to step into their entrepreneurship as Professional Matchmakers.

As a coach, I go beyond romantic relationships to explore how relationships with our selves, jobs, money, family, and more impact our everyday decisions. In partnering with me, you will dive deeper into your past experiences to understand how they have created your specific filters (or limited views) using the Energy Leadership Index, a powerful tool developed by Bruce D. Schneider.

For those looking to have a deeper understanding of why you might be experiencing trauma or difficult circumstances, I also use the "Qualities of the Soul" technique, based on the work of Robert Schwartz, to provide purpose and meaning into struggle for the intent of self healing.

As a professional matchmaker and relationship coach, I have worked with hundreds of people looking for love. The more I worked with my clients to find their “match”, the more I learned that they were constantly getting in their own way.


Throughout their matchmaking journey, it became clear that they were subconsciously creating unrealistic expectations that wouldn’t ever be met—because they were projecting their own fears, insecurities, and perceptions into their matches.


As a coach, my curiously led me to discover that our relationships are simply a reflection of our own SELF, and that external desire for a relationship is the catalyst that begs us to look inward for self-reflection and growth.


The minute you can get below the surface “problem” of wanting a relationship, there lies the insecurities, limiting beliefs, fears and interpretations that have been defining, and hindering one's life experience, level of happiness, success, and yes, their romantic relationships.

Each and every person's experience is different, thus their journey to self-satisfaction and happiness is unique. That's why I work with my clients on a one-on-one basis to provide insight, guidance, and perspective into how their relationships are impacting and defining their life experiences.

About Me

My name is Camala Beek and I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through IPEC, an accredited coaching program through the ICF. I also graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a BS in Communication and an emphasis in Public Relations, while also playing NCAA DIV II volleyball.

After college, I directly went to Germany to complete an internship in an international PR and marketing agency near Frankfurt. After nearly three years, I then moved to Berlin Germany for another two-and-a-half years where I worked in the online video industry before moving back to the United States.

I currently live in Saint Petersburg, Florida with my 80-pound retired greyhound, Keds. In my free time, I enjoy completing in beach volleyball tournaments, traveling, and reading mindset and personal development books.


 If you're ready to take a journey of self discovery to become a conscious dater and find success in love and life, Schedule your free relationship consultation with me today, and we will talk together for an hour to discover how your relationships have been defining and hindering your life experiences.